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Cool Jazz: Millennium Collection – 20th Century Masters

19 January 2018 Amazon CD

Charlie “The Bird” Parker is one of the most important names in history of jazz, if not American music in general. Almost single-handedly he turned what was mostly a dance music, an entertainment, into an art form – his playing & unique approach to influence generations of musicians to come. Parker’s Millennium edition features the highlights from his recordings for the Mercury & Verve labels, 1947 to 1953, essentially the heart of the great artist’s career. The collection includes tracks with small & big bands as well as several from his famed sessions with strings. Chronologically sequenced, from 1947’s “The Bird” from the Mercury album The Jazz Scene through “My Little Suede Shoes” & “Loverman” to his 1953 reprise of his classic “Now’s The Time,” all twelve tracks are classics from one of the greatest.

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